Top 10 Best Engineering Courses to Study in Nigeria 2018

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Engineering is one of the most sought courses of study for aspiring Nigerian students. It is a very broad field with a lot sub branches. To study engineering in Nigeria, one must understand the requirements and prospects in the field he or she wants to study.

Top 10 Best Engineering Courses to Study in Nigeria 2018

Engineering courses in Nigeria has a lot of branches which a student can choose from. These branches vary in their requirements for different tertiary institutions. A student who is aspiring to read engineering must have a solid knowledge of the different branches of engineering.

Every branch in engineering has different task and requirements. The following are some examples of the top engineering courses to study in Nigeria.

Engineering as we said earlier involves a lot of work and dedication on the students part. If you want to become an engineering student, kindly make sure you see the different field of the course in this article.

Thousands of student apply for engineering every year according to a statistic, many of those who applied have no idea what it takes to succeed as an engineer. Apart from the high salary potential, passion is one of the factors to consider when studying engineering in Nigeria.

Lots of factors come into play when you want to study engineering; as said earlier passion counts a lot when you want to study engineering in Nigeria.

Engineering as a course in Nigeria is very broad and widely known. Apart from that, engineers are respected very well in the society. Anyone who aspires to study engineering must understand what it takes to become an engineer or even study it as a course in the university.

There are prospects for students who chose engineering as their career. Being able to understand machines and their technicality counts a lot towards your success in the field.

Students who wish to study engineering, should an idea of the basic machines and its functionality. Aspiring students who have studied in a technical school are most likely to have this fore knowledge of machines before being admitted into the University.

Top 10 Engineering Courses to Study in Nigeria

  • Petroleum Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Food Engineering
  • Agricultural Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering


That is the comprehensive list of engineering courses you can study in Nigeria. As an aspiring engineer, ensure you make a proper choice when deciding or choosing which the above courses to pursue. We wish you success.iu

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